Mighty Therm2 MT2H 500

Mighty Therm2 MT2H 500

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mighty-therm2-mt2h 500-2

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mighty-therm2-mt2h 500-4

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
Sheet Metal Components
15F3320Panel, Jacket, Front
2A5F3420Panel, Jacket, Side, Lower Left
2B5F3421Panel, Jacket, Side, Lower Right
3A5F3520Panel, Jacket, Side, Lower Left
3B5F3521Panel, Jacket, Side, Lower Right
45F3400Panel, Side, Top Left, Jacket
55F3500Panel, Side, Top Right, Jacket
65F3220Panel, Rear, Jacket
75F3021Panel, Rear, Jacket
85F3100Weldment, Vent Plate
95F3800Weldment, Housing, Air Inlet/Filter
105F3701Panel, Access, Filter
11A2088700Filter, Combustion Air
125F3015Panel, Enclosure, Pump
135F3016Cover, Housing, Pump
145F3304Cover, Pipe, Gas Manifold
Internal Components
165F1020Assembly, Base
175F2003Panel, Front, Combustion Chamber
185F2006Panel, Rear, Combustion Chamber
195F2001Panel, Top, Combustion Chamber
205C2602Weldment, Chamber, Left Side, Bottom
215C2202Weldment, Chamber, Right Side. Bottom
225C2002Panel, Chamber, Left/Right Side, Top
2310956000Assembly, Sight Glass
245F2015Panel, Left Side, Air Box
255F2016Panel, Right Side, Air Box
265F2004Panel, Right Side, Air Box
275F2005Cover, Access Panel, Air Box
315F2027Assembly, Exhaust Stack
325C4000Assembly, Copper Tube, Heat Exchanger
5C4020Assembly, Cupro-Nickel, Heat Exchanger
33T2015600Tile, Side (Left and Right)
34T2017300Tile, Front
35T2016200Tile, Front, Left Side
38T2015700Tile, Rear
42T2015500Tile, Bottom
475C5300Weldment, Blower Mount
485C6100Manifold, Gas Supply
49V2003100Valve, Ball, Manual Shutoff
50V2016000Valve, Gas, Combination
51AP2073600)Weldment, Pipe, Gas Valve/Ball Valve
51BP00147004" Nipple, black
52V2000200Valve, Ball, Manual Shutoff, Secondary
53L2012800Manifold, 3 Burner/Orifice, Left
L2012900Manifold, 3 Burner/Orifice, Right
54L2012200Assembly, 3 Burner
55L2013000Orifice, Gas, Natural
L2012400Orifice, Gas, Propane
56S2012700Gasket, 3 Burner
572400-286Ignitor, Hot Surface with Gasket
Heat Exchanger Components
58E0013000Flow Switch
59E2076500Low Water Cutoff (optional)
60A0079000Gauge, Temperature/Pressure
6220130001Tee, Adapter, Outlet, Cast Iron
20150302Tee, Adapter, Outlet, Bronze
63A0063300Relief Valve, Hydronic, 75 Psi
64A0001200Flange, Connection, Cast Iron
10391302Flange, Connection, Bronze
6520255401Gasket, Connection Flange
66S0063700Cover, In/Out, Glass-Lined Cast Iron
Cover, In/Out, Bronze
6710364504Gasket, Header/Cover
6810364501Water Barrier, Inlet/Outlet
69S0095100Baffle, Water Deflector, Inlet
70E2058300Well, Immersion, Temperature Control
7110364300Cover, Return, Glass-Lined Cast Iron
10364301Cover, Return, Bronze
72S2056900Pump Housing, Glass-Lined Cast Iron
7310338400Baffle, Diffuser, Pump Housing Inlet
Electrical Components
74E2313900Control, Gas Ignition, Three-Try (standard)
E2107300Control, Gas Ignition, Single-Try (CSD-1 option)
75E0109200SPDT, Toggle Switch
75AE2056300DPDT Switch
76E2327500Terminal Block, 16-Position, Dual Row
77E0015900Switch, Hi-Limit Manual Reset (boiler)
795F7001Panel, Mounting, Limits/Ignition Control
805F7003Panel, Cover, High Limit/Ignition Control
815F7006Panel, Access, Terminal
83E2327700Terminal Block, 6-Position, Dual Row
84E2327600Terminal Block, 12-Position, Dual Row
85E0240900Switch, Pressure, Diaphragm, SPDT
865F7007Bracket, Pressure Switch
87E2312800Transformer, 150 VA, 120/24V
88E2077700Relay, Time Delay (24 VAC) Delay on Break, Adj.
89E2327800Relay, 24VAC, DPDT
905F7005Panel, Mounting, LWCO Switch (optional)
91E2328800Wire Harness #1, Fenwal
92E2328900Wire Harness #2, Control Panel
93E2329000Wire Harness #3, Main
94E2328700Wire Harness #4, Local Remote SW