Mighty-Stack TL80-199

Mighty-Stack TL80-199








IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
19T2008400Tile, Rear
18T2008300Tile, Side, Left and Right
17T2008500Tile, Front
1620425802Heat Shield
1520442100Bracket, Flue Collector / Heat Exchanger
1420442000Baffle Retainer / Refractory Cover
1320441800Rail, Support, Outside Right Panel
1220441700Rail, Support, Right
1120441600Rail, Support, Left
1020441402Top, Front Section
920441200Side Panel, Right Top Section
820442405Top, Rear Section
720442404Side Panel, Right Bottom Section
620442403Side Panel, Water Heater
520442402Panel, Rear
420442401Front Panel
320420100Support, Front and Rear Tile
220440500Heat Exchanger Support
7E2078000Temperature Controller (Aquastat)
6E2074506Fan Proving Switch (5000-10000 Ft, Nat, LP)
6E2074503Fan Proving Switch (0-5000 Ft, Nat, LP)
520430400Flame Rollout Safety Switch
4E2074400Transformer 115/24V (50VA)
3E0015900High Limit Temperature Switch
2E2078500Time Delay Relay
1E2104300Toggle Switch
9A0095600Bell & Gossett Pump
820440007Piping Assembly (Applicable to B&G Pump)
7A2002500Taco Pump
620440006Piping Assembly (Appliable to Taco Pump)
520440005Piping Assembly
420440004Piping Assembly
320440003Piping Assembly
220440002Piping Assembly
120440001Piping Assembly
17P2032500Drain Boiler Brz 1/2" NPT
16A2003300Temp / Press Relief Valve
14A2003200Anode, Water Tank
13A2086100Tank, 80 Gallon
12A2078600Handle, Access
11H2022400Logo, Mighty Stack
1020443700Door Panel
920443800Bracket, Outer Mounting
820443900Bracket, Mounting
720444000Plate, Anode Cover
620444100Panel, Access
520444300Tank Top Panel
420444500Rear Panel
320444800Right Side Panel
220445000Left Side Panel
120445300Tank Base Panel
7L00327008001-10000 FT - Gas Orifice, Propane
7L00504008001-10000 FT - Gas Orifice, Natural
7L00503005001-8000 FT - Gas Orifice, Natural
7L00328005001-8000 FT - Gas Orifice, Propane
7L00326002001-5000 FT - Gas Orifice, Natural
7L00329000-5000 FT - Gas Orifice, Propane
7L00326000-2000 FT - Gas Orifice, Natural
6V2002300Main Gas Valve - Propane
6V2001900Main Gas Valve - Natural Gas
5V2001900Pilot Assembly - Propane
520401201Pilot Assembly - Natural Gas
4L2010002Gas Manifold
3L0052500Main Burner
220421102Burner Tray
120421202Burner Cover
420425402Outlet Flue Collar
3A2000200Induced Draft Blower
220404608NAT. 5001-10000 FT. Blower Orifice Plate &
LP 5001-10000 FT. Blower Orifice Plate
220404612LP 0-5000 FT. Blower Orifice Plate
220404607NAT. 0-5000 FT. Blower Orifice Plate
120430602Flue Collector Assembly
6P0027000Pipe Plug, Brass, 3/4 NPT
5P2023100Nipple, Brass 1/2 NPT
4P2022900Coupling, Bronze Pipe, 1/2 NPT
3E0025900Well, Immersion
120423202Heat Exchanger