Rheos+ RHHH 2000

Rheos+ RHHH 2000








IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
224A1200Base assembly
324B2600Panel, top, combustion chamber
424A2400Panel, bottom, combustion chamber
524A2100Panel, left, combustion chamber
624A2200Panel, right, combustion chamber
724B2004Panel, access, combustion chamber
824B2010Support, front, fan transition
924B2009Support, rear, fan transition
10R2026800Hardware kit, Combustion Chamber/Condenser
12S2009700Burner Gasket
13R2002500Tile kit (top & bottom of heat exchanger w/top insulation)
1412B2700Tile support with rods
1512B2005Tile support protective liner
1624A2025Panel, Divider, Condenser
1724A2011Diverter, Air Flow, Condenser
1824A2300Cover, Flue Transition
1924B2012Clamping Bar, Side/Top, Flue Transition
2024A2014Clamping Bar, Short, Flue Transition
2124A2013Clamping Bar, Long, Flue Transition
22S2014400Heat Exchanger, Condensing
24R2013300Heat exchanger assembly, copper
24R2013301Heat exchanger assembly, cupro-nickel
2512A2011Baffle, Flue
2924A9003Cable, Securement, Pump/Motor
30E2312400Pressure Switch, Differential
3512B6000Gas train assembly, standard, Nat
3512B6020Gas train assembly, standard, LP
3512B6400Gas train assembly, control pack A, Nat
3512B6420Gas train assembly, control pack A, LP
3512B6500Gas train assembly, control pack B and E, Nat
3512B6520Gas train assembly, control pack B and E, LP
36V2015800Gas valve, safety
37V2014300Gas valve, solenoid safety, for control packs B & E
38V2015400Gas valve, mod valve actuator
39V2015900Gas valve, mod valve body
40R2011500Gas valve, mod complete (body and actuator)
41V2003000Gas valve, manual (Primary)
41V2003000Gas valve, manual (Secondary)
41V2003200Gas valve, manual (Primary, Control Pack B & E)
44V2016600On/Off Actuator
45V2000100Normally open vent valve
4612B6200Gas orifice kit (orifice in holder), Nat
4612B6220Gas orifice kit (orifice in holder), LP
47P2035500Gas orifice, Nat
47P2041500Gas orifice, LP
48E0023300Pressure switch, high gas
49E0023500Pressure switch, low gas
50R2020700Tubing/Fittings (gas train repair kit)
5112B5000Air filter box assembly (with gasket and hardware) Nat
5112B5020Air filter box assembly (with gasket and hardware) LP
52A2108300Air filter
53R2004600Gasket kit, air filter
5424B5300Air filter box cover
55S2010800Air filter felt gasket
5612B5001Air filter air inlet vent w / gasket
58R2012200Blower gasket kit
5912B5108Air orifice, Nat
6112B5128Air orifice, LP
6312B6100Air transition (filter box to blower)
6412B5201Blower adapter transition
65RW2002300Ignitor kit (with gasket)
66F0044800Sight glass
67E2312300Pressure switch, air
7030-280Transformer, 115/24V, 80VA
70E2310400Transformer, 115/24V, 150VA (Control pack B & E only)
72E2306000Transformer, 24/115 step up
73RE2043600Fuse kit, 2 Amp, 5 pack (not shown)
73RE2043500Fuse kit, 5 Amp, 5 pack (Control packs B and E) (not shown)
74RE2000300Fuse holder (qty of 5)
75R2005600Diagnostic lights kit
76E2311900Ignition control (Single Trial)
76E2312000Ignition control (Three Trial, Control packs F and G)
77RE0015900High limit, manual reset, RHCH boiler
77RE2217800High limit, manual reset, RHCV water heater
78E2101400Temperature control, RHCH boiler
79E2104000Module, proportional control
80E2306700Timer, delay on make
81E2306200Relay, DPDT, 24V coil
82E0076700Relay, DPDT, 120V coil
83RE2077700Relay, EM2 kit
84E2311100Relay, 115VAC SPST
85E2325700Controller, Programmable, Electronic
86E2307200Voltage regulator
87E2039500Terminal block, 2 position
88E2079400Terminal block, 4 position
89E2103700Sensor, temperature control
90E0109200Switch, toggle, 3-way SPDT
91E2056300Switch, toggle, DPDT
92R2012700Control signal converter
93A0014300Bell, alarm, 24V
9424B7001Cover, control panel top
9524B7004Cover, control panel bottom
9624B7002Enclosure, control panel
9724B7701Voltage divider panel
9824B7010Support, control panel bottom
9924B7007Panel, diagnostic lights
10024B7008Bracket, mounting, diagnostic panel
102R2007600Hardware kit, control panel
10324B7009Bracket, support, control panel top
10424B7012Bracket, Low water cutoff, Remote Mount
105RE2075100Switch, Low water cutoff, Manual Reset
11012A4200Header cover
11112B4100Water barrier assembly
112S2011900Gasket, heat exchanger cover
113R2013100Hardware kit, heat exchanger cover
114RA0079000Gauge, temperature/pressure
115A0063600Pressure relief valve, RHCH boiler
115A0001200Pressure relief valve, RHCH boiler
116RE2058300Immersion well, high limit
117RE2074000Immersion well, temperature control
118R2000700Tube cleaning kit (not shown)
119R2008400Flow switch (with paddle)
121E2314300Temperature Sensor, 1/8" NPT
122R2027000Low water cutoff Probe Cover/Plate
123P2040501Pipe Assembly (condenser to valve)
124P2040505Pipe Assembly (outlet to pump)
125P2040506Pipe Assembly (valve to pump)
126P2040507Pipe Assembly (coil to inlet)
12724A9200Valve Control Arm
12812A9206Valve Connection Rod
129R2027100Control Arm Hardware Kit
130A2110000Actuator, Valve, Electronic
13124A9214Bracket, Support, Actuator
13212A9207Bracket, Mounting, Actuator/Control
133R2027200Pipe Gasket Kit
134A2109900Valve, Butterfly, 2-Way
135R2027300Pipe Hardware Kit
13624A1003Bracket, Pipe Support
137P2011700Nipple, Close, 2" NPT
138P2048400Elbow, Bronze, 2-1/2" Class 150
139A2112100Soft Water Pump Assembly
A2111500Normal Water Pump Assembly
A2111400Hard Water Pump Assembly
14024B3200Panel, upper front access
14124B3300Panel, lower front access
14212A3014Panel, waterway access
14324B3012Panel, waterway cover
14424B3016Panel, pump cover
14524B3019Panel, PRV access
14624A3006Panel, rear access
14724B3001Panel, front left
14824B3002Panel, front right
14924A3003Panel, rear left
15024A3004Panel, rear right
15124B3005Panel, common access
15224B3007Panel, top
15324B3008Panel, support
15412B3010Panel, flue vent access
15524B3011Panel, ducted air cover
156R2009600Jacket trim kit
157R2009700Hardware kit, jacket
158A2108200Window, control / display
15924B3102Window guide
160R2010000Window latch
161R2026400Jacket retro-fit kit (standard)
162R2026800Jacket retro-fit kit (mounted pump)