Laars Boilers Guide

We have created Laars Boilers Guide website to combine all available information about Laars boilers in one place. We have divided the content by topics, so that you can easily find the information you are looking for, not matter if it is troubleshooting, actual models compare or FAQ forum where users opinions can be shared. You will even find here historical information about manufacturer and all necessary information about boiler efficiencies if you are interested in purchasing a new appliance.

Laars Boilers, are an American boiler manufacturer present on European market for nearly 70 years with their production site in Rochester, NH, USA. Originally company specialized in low mass technology heating boilers for big swimming pools where not only proper temperature is needed, but also a fair resistance to different chemicals used for water utilization and dirt itself. The same technology was successfully adopted to hot water boilers and space-heating boilers (personal and commercial usage) creating from Laars Boilers Ltd  an international leader in heating system production as well as pools heating systems (normal and commercial). Company went through multiple changes required by customers all over the world over the generations. Recently Laars boilers was aquaired by the Bradford White group.

Laars boilers are used as a heat source for all kind of heating products like floor heating, space heating, domestic and commercial water heating. Laars boilers operate with either LPG or natural gas. Company ofers over 20 different boiler for both personal and commercial use supporting more than half a million users all over the world. Boilers and all spare parts are produced in ISO: 9001 certified facility. Laars Mascot, Neotherm and Mighty Term are the most common domestic boilers while Laars Endurance and Mini- Therm are the most common commercial use choices.

Laars Boilers come with up to 5-7 years standard warranty (depending on a model), however the trend is to provide up to 10 years warranty on some models (Vitodens and Vitoplex). Spare parts warranty is set for two years. Viessmann boilers are known as one of the most quite boilers present on the market so they are excellent solution for those customer which don’t have a separate utility room and get disturbed by the machine noise during the day or night. All Viessmann gas boilers have efficiencies on A level (98%) no matter if we speak about condensing or standard boiler.

Selecting a Laars Boiler

Laars’s Mascot LX boiler and Neotherm in 2016 got an Energy Star Award from Energy Trust for being the most efficient boiler. Personal use boilers don’t require more than half a day installation and standard 5 years warranty is provided for all models and 2 years warranty for spare parts. Laars boilers are a good choice for users with middle to big houses and commercial use e.g schools, doctor’s officies, smaller to middle office buildings

If you visited this site because you would like to see opinions about Laars boilers visit FAQ section and if you were thinking of purchasing a new boiler you should visit compare models page, where you will find logically sequenced technical information that will help you to choose a model proper for you needs. You are also free to contact Laars representative whenever you would like to re-confirm that your choice is the right one. Whenever choosing a model you should pay special attention to not only an output, but also additional things like number of radiators or building isolation type.

Typical problems

Laars personal and commercial use boilers may experience some most common boiler issues:

  • Laars Mighty sometimes has an issue with not providing hot water while turned to summer mode and requires PCB replacement or connections check
  • Laars Endurance commercial boiler after 10+ years of useage sometimes stops providing hot water and requires 3 valve or flow switch replacement
  • Laars Mighty Therm sometimes has an issue ignition and due to the dirt that falls flame sensors are requires cleaning
  • Laars Endurance personal use has sometimes issues with shutting itself down when the system pressure is to low and requires simple system re-fill

Attention!!! Remember that it is prohibited by law to work on a gas appliance unless you have proper qualifications. Whenever experiencing an issue with your boiler, contact customer service team immediately.