Boiler Types and Efficiency

Boiler Efficiency Rates

One of the most important things to check next to warranty period (longer the standard warranty is more reliable boiler is) is boiler efficiency. Boiler efficiencies were introduced in 2009 and you can find official rates for each boiler kind/ model/ brand in UK on the official boiler efficiencies site. You can use this site to compare which brand or/and model you are interested in has higher efficiencies and will provide more savings on electricity or/and gas bills. Laars newest boilers can provide efficiencies around 95% which makes them completely unique in the industry, especially for the commercial use boilers. Laars boilers operate either on natural gas or LPG providing further savings on gas price. Control panel is very easy in use thanks to the large touch-screen display. Easy service and fast installation was accomplished by putting gas, air, water and vent connections on the top of the appliance. Thanks to very high efficiency levels and low LOx emissions most models qualify to local utility rebates and tax credit programmes

Boiler types

Laars boilers has proven over the years to be well designed, tested and reliable appliances. Two of their models: Neotherm and Mascot LX won year after year the Energy Star’s ‘Most Efficient’ Award. Most of Laars boiler models are not only condensing but also modulating appliances providing high amount of hot water needed for taps and central heating keeping very low NOx emissions- lower than the current governmental requirements. Laars boilers are an excellent example of great quality for very affordable price. Most models are not only powerful but compact in size. Over 20 kinds of boiler models assure that no matter if you search for an appliance for domestic or commercial use- you will find a model that fits your needs completely.

Most important advantages of replacing your old boiler with a new Laars boiler:

    1. Very good price for the quality provided
    2. Neotherm and Mascot LX got Energy Star certification for efficiencies at the level of 95%, those models qualify for tax credit programs and rebate
    3. Condensing and high efficiency models providing further savings, proper energy usage
    4. Standard 5 years guarantee that can be extended, standard 2 year guarantee for spare parts
    5. Compact in size, domestic use boilers can fit into the smallest cupboards
    6. Big variety of outputs being good choice for any middle, big and all commercial use buildings
    7. Most models have capability of modulating up to 20% input rate to match the load, that provides with 30% additional saving
    8. Fast installation, set up and annual service
    9. Can be staged for larger systems, works very well with most of Building Automation Systems
    10. Models like Mighty Therm 2 are suitable for not only indoor but also outdoor installations


We recommend modernization of existing heating/ hot water system whenever the old system/ appliance broke more than twice during last year and the differences between efficiencies rates provided by old and new system exceed 15%. Don’t hesitate to contact Laars Ltd to ask for quotation and advisory visit. Currently most common models are Mascot LX, Neotherm and Mascot LX Combination.