Laars Endurance boiler cold return pipe

Hi Folks,

My newly bought and installed Laars endurance boiler is facing a problem of cold return pipe. I do not know how to fix it. Someone please help me



Hi Kevin,

The issue of cold return pipe is quite common in different types of boilers. Whenever the boiler ignites, return pipe takes a minute in order to heat up properly. Hot water always comes out of a flow. After traveling all around the heating system, it directly comes back into your boiler through a return pipe. Well, when the return pipes are cold, they show a circulation error of some type like some blockage or faulty pump. It is better to call a boiler engineer to assess the current condition of the boiler’s central heating pump.

Laars Mascot boiler’s faulty oil nozzle

Hello Everybody,

I have bought and installed my Laars Mascot boiler two years ago. From last few days, I am noticing that the boiler’s oil nozzle is not working. I have tried to fix the problem after reading the user guide but unfortunately, the problem persists. What is the matter? Is something serious?



Hi Mark:

You are facing this issue due to the following reasons:

  • Air in the central heating pump
  • No oil in the boiler’s central heating pump
  • Damaged pump or drive
  • Chocked oil nozzle
  • Damaged mechanical shutoff valve

For fixing the problem, you have to do the following things:

  • Check & refill the tank or oil-line
  • Check or clean the filter or regulators from the boiler’s oil tank
  • Bleed the central heating pump
  • Clean or even replace the damaged mechanical shutoff controller
  • Clean or replace the nozzle

Laars Mighty Boiler’s big bang as soon as it turns on

Hi Folks,

I do not know that what happened to my three years old Laars mighty boiler. The problem is quite strange and I am unable to fix it. Actually, whenever I turn on the boiler I hear a big bang and it seems quite dangerous. I have restarted the boiler many times but no success. Please help me on an urgent basis.


Hi George,

You must be having a tough time because of this issue. It is due to the excess quantity of the gas preceding to ignition. As your boiler fires eventually probably after 2-3 attempts than, there is a small explosion. Well, it is vital to note that the common cause behind the excess gas and banging while the ignition is a flame sensor. If the boiler fails to detect the flame properly than, it will not work in a way as it has to be. As this problem relates to the gas thus, I would advise calling a gas engineer.

Laars Endurance boiler hot water issue

Hello All,

I am not getting the hot water from my two years old Laars endurance boiler whenever I turn on the tap. I am in a desperate need of a hot water because it is quite cold outside. Has someone faced this issue earlier if yes, and then please tell me the ways of rectifying the problem?

Thank you so much


Hi Ben,

It is a common issue on not just Laars boiler but all the brands of the boiler. You turn on the shower or tap & nothing came about. At best, you will notice it just gets lukewarm & that is with a heating on. An issue possibly lies with the boiler’s diverter controller or even in its part such as a diaphragm. Well, the time required to disassemble your boiler & fit some new components means it is much more cost-effective to replace the diverter valve.

Laars Mascot boiler’s gasket is not working

Hi Guys,

I have a Laars Mascot boiler, which was installed five years ago. Last night, as I switched on the Laars boiler I have seen few smelly and burnt gasses, which were badly leaking directly from the boiler’s heat exchanger. I have clearly seen the smoke and smell everywhere and that makes me worried. I need your opinions to fix this issue as soon as possible  



Hi Bill, before moving ahead I would like to share that the gasket is considered as an extremely important of your boiler as it makes the long-lasting closure between a venturi and burner that supply the gas & air to the Laars boiler’s burner. As you said that your Laars boiler is five years old, that is why it is having this particular problem because this issue is quite common in the old boilers. Thus, call a boiler engineer for detailed investigation and even a replacement if required.

Laars Mighty boiler issue of pilot light


My newly bought and installed Laars mighty boiler is facing a strange issue nowadays. The pilot of the boiler is blown out once burner shut off. It seems to happen only when the burner does not light up properly. Furthermore, it is as if a flame is directly inside the tubes of a burner, instead of burning outside generating a shrill noise. Once the thermostat of the boiler kicks off, it seems to blow out a pilot. I have replaced the thermocouple but no improvement. What else should be done to make the boiler work again? Need your sincere suggestions

Thanks a lot


Hi Jack,

This problem is quite common in different models of the boiler. So do not worry, just clean the burner. I hope that it will make a difference. Moreover, do call a skilled Laars boiler issue and ask him to do a gas pressure test. Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.

Laars Endurance boiler is not working

Hi Everyone,

I have purchased my Laars Endurance boiler four years ago. Everything was working fine & upto the mark. Nevertheless, today I have noticed that the Laars boiler fails to works properly. I am unable to understand the exact reason behind it.  Someone please guide me

Waiting for your valuable suggestions


Hello Kate, your Laars boiler is not working properly because of the certain reasons. Sometimes, the boiler fails to work because of the few minor electrical issues. Thus, it is recommended to check the below mentioned things:

  1. The boiler’s electricity supply might have switched off. If this is a case, just turn on the supply of electricity which is coming to the boiler & try resting the boiler
  2. In case, the supply of electricity cuts out a minute ago then, it is better to reset your Laars boiler by correcting its timer
  3. Every so often, a minor reset will solve the several electrical failures, which your boiler is facing. Here, a minor reset means switching off your boiler & turning it on.

Consider this information and even call a proficient boiler engineer for further guidance

Laars Mascot boiler’s kettling

Hello Folks,

I have installed a Laars Mascot boiler one year ago. Well, I am here to get guidance on an issue, which my boiler is having from last night. The boiler is producing some strange and weird sounds. I have tried to solve the problem after reading the user manual but no progress. Someone please help me on an urgent basis.

Thanks in advance


Hi Eric,

Whenever you hear extraordinarily loud & alarming sounds from the pipes and boiler, then sludge or limescale buildup is a culprit as it blocks the water flow inside a heat exchanger that will then overheat & create these sounds. It is important to note that this problem is highly common in regions with very hard water however; in worst cases, it can affect any region. This might be an expensive problem and could shorten the lifespan of your boiler as well if not treated immediately. You should call a boiler engineer and ask him to drain the boiler & remove all the unwanted materials.

Laars Mighty boiler is losing pressure

Hi Everybody,

Hope someone can help, I bought my Laars mighty boiler two years ago. From last few days, the boiler has started to lose its pressure frequently. Initially, the problem was every few days but now I have to top the pressure every 30 minutes. I have checked all the possible things apparently, everything seems perfect. I would like to mention that I have cleaned out a pipework and condensate chamber as well.  What else should I do? Any suggestions or help would be highly appreciated.



Hi Ray, before moving ahead it is important to remember if your boiler is losing pressure then, it will not work properly if remain untreated. Worse, though, this problem could be due to a leakage in the boiler’s central heating system. Identifying a leakage is not as easy as it might look. The leakage can come from the various different parts such as:

  • Expansion vessel
  • Towel rails, radiators & radiator controllers
  • Central heating pump
  • Gate controllers and stop taps

I would advise calling a skilled boiler engineer for detailed investigation & fixing the problem in a technical way.

Laars Endurance boiler’s faulty gas controller

Hello All,

I have bought and installed a Laars Endurance boiler a few years ago. It worked well as I have not faced any major issue when it comes to performance and efficiency. However, I am noticing that its gas controller is not working properly from last 2-3 days. Due to this, I am not getting the gas. Is something serious? Someone, please help me

Thanks a lot


Hi James, the purpose of a gas controller is to manage the flow of gas which is going towards the pilot light & burner. Well, sometimes it becomes faulty and that is why failed to work properly due to the following reasons:

  1. Seized or congested
  2. Damaged unit  
  3. Problems with the wirings and connections
  4. Faulty PCB

Well, to be on the save side it is recommended to seek help from an experienced Laars boiler engineer.