Laars Endurance boiler is not working

Hi Everyone,

I have purchased my Laars Endurance boiler four years ago. Everything was working fine & upto the mark. Nevertheless, today I have noticed that the Laars boiler fails to works properly. I am unable to understand the exact reason behind it.  Someone please guide me

Waiting for your valuable suggestions


Hello Kate, your Laars boiler is not working properly because of the certain reasons. Sometimes, the boiler fails to work because of the few minor electrical issues. Thus, it is recommended to check the below mentioned things:

  1. The boiler’s electricity supply might have switched off. If this is a case, just turn on the supply of electricity which is coming to the boiler & try resting the boiler
  2. In case, the supply of electricity cuts out a minute ago then, it is better to reset your Laars boiler by correcting its timer
  3. Every so often, a minor reset will solve the several electrical failures, which your boiler is facing. Here, a minor reset means switching off your boiler & turning it on.

Consider this information and even call a proficient boiler engineer for further guidance