Laars Endurance boiler hot water issue

Hello All,

I am not getting the hot water from my two years old Laars endurance boiler whenever I turn on the tap. I am in a desperate need of a hot water because it is quite cold outside. Has someone faced this issue earlier if yes, and then please tell me the ways of rectifying the problem?

Thank you so much


Hi Ben,

It is a common issue on not just Laars boiler but all the brands of the boiler. You turn on the shower or tap & nothing came about. At best, you will notice it just gets lukewarm & that is with a heating on. An issue possibly lies with the boiler’s diverter controller or even in its part such as a diaphragm. Well, the time required to disassemble your boiler & fit some new components means it is much more cost-effective to replace the diverter valve.