Laars Mascot boiler’s gasket is not working

Hi Guys,

I have a Laars Mascot boiler, which was installed five years ago. Last night, as I switched on the Laars boiler I have seen few smelly and burnt gasses, which were badly leaking directly from the boiler’s heat exchanger. I have clearly seen the smoke and smell everywhere and that makes me worried. I need your opinions to fix this issue as soon as possible  



Hi Bill, before moving ahead I would like to share that the gasket is considered as an extremely important of your boiler as it makes the long-lasting closure between a venturi and burner that supply the gas & air to the Laars boiler’s burner. As you said that your Laars boiler is five years old, that is why it is having this particular problem because this issue is quite common in the old boilers. Thus, call a boiler engineer for detailed investigation and even a replacement if required.