Laars Endurance Boiler Radiators Issue

Hi All,

I am having issue with the radiators of my three years old Laars Endurance boiler since last two days. I am not getting the exact the reason behind it. Sometimes radiators do not heat & sometimes one of the radiators stays extremely cold at top & hot at the bottom. Will just restarting a boiler help me or not? Should I replace the boiler or just radiators? Kindly help me

Thanks in advance


Hi Vincent ,

The problem could be because of limescale buildup in the boiler’s pipes or air in the boiler. Moreover, if the required hot water does not reach the top of a radiator then, the pump circulation problem may be to blame. The best way out is to bleed the system in order to clean out all the excess air in case, if that is the problem. Or else, you have to power flush the boiler for cleaning out the corrosion. In extreme case, calling a boiler engineer is mandatory for fixing the circulation pump.


Laars Mighty Boiler Water Temperature is not Correct

Hello Everyone,

My Laars Mighty boiler, which is now three years old, is having a very annoying problem now days. The problem is of incorrect/wrong water temperature. Can someone tell me the reason behind this issue? Can I fix it at home?

Your suggestions would be highly appreciated




Hi Ron, I guess there are two main reasons behind your problem

  1. Gas rate of the boiler is not correct
  2. Sticking/faulty boiler’s water section

For getting them fixed, you have to follow the below-given information:

  • When you notice that gas rate of the boiler is not correct then, immediately you have to check the gas supply, which is coming to the gas isolation regulator of the boiler. Afterwards, open the valve, check the burner & inlet pressure of the boiler.
  • However, when you notice that there is a problem with the boiler’s water section then you have two options either to replace or clean it thoroughly.

I hope that, this information will help you

Laars Mascot boiler no ignition

My two years old Laars Mascot boiler has failed to ignite since last three days. I have restarted the boiler many times but unluckily no success. That is why; I am here to get some valid information on the urgent basis for fixing the issue.

Waiting for your suggestions and help



Hi Andrew,

When few parts of the boiler fail to work properly, you have to face the issue of ‘ignition failure’. These parts are PCB, soothed burner, flame & ignition detection probe, gas valve and HV valve. Well, considering your case, restarting a boiler will help you to rectify the problem temporarily. Nevertheless, if the problem persists, you have to fix/replace the damaged parts of the boiler but under the supervision of boiler engineer.

Laars Endurance boiler faulty thermostatic blender controller

Hi Folks,

I have purchased the Laars Endurance boiler five years ago. I have not faced any major issue during these years but unfortunately, today I realized that when the boiler runs hot water, it remains much hot for few minutes and after that, it cools down suddenly. What is wrong with it? Should I replace the boiler?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Edward,

The reason behind your problem is faulty thermostatic blender controller. The only solution is to buy and fix a new thermostatic controller. Another reason could be the water scale. You can easily restore the required hot water when the boiler has heat exchanger. This process is not difficult but it is time-consuming as it consists of getting hoses and chemicals in the home. Therefore, you have to seek help from the Laars boiler engineer.

Laars Mighty boiler not responding


My Laars Mighty boiler is not responding since last night. I have tried to fix it with the help of user guide but the problem continues. Someone who has faced the same problem, please help me and share your valuable solutions.



Hi Mark,

After checking the electrical supply of your home, you have to check the plug socket by trying the various plugs. Subsequently, a multimeter can be used for checking the electrical power throughout the boiler’s circuit. If it does not fix your issue, then PCB is a major culprit. In case your boiler is more than seven years then, it is better to replace your boiler to prevent additional loss.

Laars Mascot boiler limescale/sludge buildup

Hello Everybody,

I have bought and installed my Laars Mascot boiler ten years ago. Unfortunately, the user manual has been misplaced. Nowadays, I need it the most, as the boiler is not working properly. Due to this reason, I have decided to share my boiler’s problem here. I am hearing some annoying noises from the boiler. Moreover, the pump is continuously overheating. When I checked the flow of water, it was extremely hot, however as I turn on the tap, I get the cold water. What is the matter?

Thanks in advance


Hi Ben,

I think the central heating system of the boiler is blocked due to sludge/limescale buildup. Sludge means the muddy water. Various particles of the dust/dirt in the water instantly combine with the iron oxide. Because of this, deterioration comes from the radiators, connected joints and pipes. Well, the issue of limescale build is quite common in the older boilers & your boiler is not an exception. When this sticky liquid passes through the central heating system of your boiler, it deposits these particles of the dust/dirt. You can overcome it by fixing the magnetic mud filters and scale reducers in the boiler.

Laars Endurance boiler LO error code

Hi Guys,

My three years old Laars Endurance is displaying an LO error code. According to the user guide, it means that the boiler is in a lockout state. In past, I have faced this issue several times. I have tried powering the boiler off & on & when I switch on the boiler; it goes to the Lockout state immediately. Someone, please help me

Thanks a lot


Hi Evan, you are right LO means Lockout. There are various reasons behind the Lockout state of the boiler. When it comes up instantly after hitting the reset button then, I would like to say that it is more than likely to be due to the wiring or control problem. I would advise contacting the Laars boiler engineer if your problem persists.

Laars Endurance boiler noisy pipes

Hello Everyone,

My newly bought Laars Endurance boiler is producing some strange banging/hissing noises. These sounds are coming directly from the pipes. I have tried to fix the problem after reading the user manual but all in vain. Has someone faced this issue? If yes, then please guide me

Thanks for your suggestions


Hi Alex,

This issue could be because of the following reasons, which generally results when boiler overheats. It is better to get your boiler serviced regularly. Well, coming to your problem, the reasons behind this issue are:

  • Limescale buildup
  • Inadequate water in the boiler
  • Blocked chimney
  • Faulty thermostat

Well, you cannot fix this issue on your own. You have to contact an experienced boiler engineer in order to have an in-depth & systematic investigation.

Laars Mascot boiler faulty thermostat

Hi Folks,

I have purchased a Laars Mascot boiler five years ago. I do not know what is wrong with the boiler as I am getting too much hot water. Apart from this, sometimes the boiler stops working. I have restarted the boiler but no success. What should I do to make my boiler work again?

Thanks a lot


Hi Jess, 

A broken or aging thermostat sometimes becomes incorrect or non-functional. Due to this, it leads to extremely hot water or sometimes absence of boiler’s operation resting upon how the boiler’s thermostat is playing up. Before fixing the problem, you have to confirm that the thermostat is working. When the timer and clock are set properly & the thermostat is power-driven, then you have to replace it instantly.

Laars Mighty boiler inadequate fan speed

Hello Guys,

I have installed a Laars Mighty boiler in my house about four years ago. From last two days, it is not working properly. After self-analyzing the problem, I have concluded that the boiler’s fan does not have the sufficient speed in order to work, as it should be. Someone, please guide me.



Hi Tim, I would like to make it clear that boiler’s fan should have or work at a sufficient/right speed because; a fan, which does not work at a correct speed, becomes very dangerous. Therefore, you have to rectify this problem straightaway. Firstly, do contact a proficient boiler engineer & ask him to assess the existing loss. Moreover, if needed, replace the fan and other damaged parts of your boiler to prevent further loss.