Laars Endurance Boiler Radiators Issue

Hi All,

I am having issue with the radiators of my three years old Laars Endurance boiler since last two days. I am not getting the exact the reason behind it. Sometimes radiators do not heat & sometimes one of the radiators stays extremely cold at top & hot at the bottom. Will just restarting a boiler help me or not? Should I replace the boiler or just radiators? Kindly help me

Thanks in advance


Hi Vincent ,

The problem could be because of limescale buildup in the boiler’s pipes or air in the boiler. Moreover, if the required hot water does not reach the top of a radiator then, the pump circulation problem may be to blame. The best way out is to bleed the system in order to clean out all the excess air in case, if that is the problem. Or else, you have to power flush the boiler for cleaning out the corrosion. In extreme case, calling a boiler engineer is mandatory for fixing the circulation pump.