Laars Mascot boiler limescale/sludge buildup

Hello Everybody,

I have bought and installed my Laars Mascot boiler ten years ago. Unfortunately, the user manual has been misplaced. Nowadays, I need it the most, as the boiler is not working properly. Due to this reason, I have decided to share my boiler’s problem here. I am hearing some annoying noises from the boiler. Moreover, the pump is continuously overheating. When I checked the flow of water, it was extremely hot, however as I turn on the tap, I get the cold water. What is the matter?

Thanks in advance


Hi Ben,

I think the central heating system of the boiler is blocked due to sludge/limescale buildup. Sludge means the muddy water. Various particles of the dust/dirt in the water instantly combine with the iron oxide. Because of this, deterioration comes from the radiators, connected joints and pipes. Well, the issue of limescale build is quite common in the older boilers & your boiler is not an exception. When this sticky liquid passes through the central heating system of your boiler, it deposits these particles of the dust/dirt. You can overcome it by fixing the magnetic mud filters and scale reducers in the boiler.