Laars Mighty Boiler Water Temperature is not Correct

Hello Everyone,

My Laars Mighty boiler, which is now three years old, is having a very annoying problem now days. The problem is of incorrect/wrong water temperature. Can someone tell me the reason behind this issue? Can I fix it at home?

Your suggestions would be highly appreciated




Hi Ron, I guess there are two main reasons behind your problem

  1. Gas rate of the boiler is not correct
  2. Sticking/faulty boiler’s water section

For getting them fixed, you have to follow the below-given information:

  • When you notice that gas rate of the boiler is not correct then, immediately you have to check the gas supply, which is coming to the gas isolation regulator of the boiler. Afterwards, open the valve, check the burner & inlet pressure of the boiler.
  • However, when you notice that there is a problem with the boiler’s water section then you have two options either to replace or clean it thoroughly.

I hope that, this information will help you