Laars Mighty Boiler’s big bang as soon as it turns on

Hi Folks,

I do not know that what happened to my three years old Laars mighty boiler. The problem is quite strange and I am unable to fix it. Actually, whenever I turn on the boiler I hear a big bang and it seems quite dangerous. I have restarted the boiler many times but no success. Please help me on an urgent basis.


Hi George,

You must be having a tough time because of this issue. It is due to the excess quantity of the gas preceding to ignition. As your boiler fires eventually probably after 2-3 attempts than, there is a small explosion. Well, it is vital to note that the common cause behind the excess gas and banging while the ignition is a flame sensor. If the boiler fails to detect the flame properly than, it will not work in a way as it has to be. As this problem relates to the gas thus, I would advise calling a gas engineer.