Laars Mighty boiler is losing pressure

Hi Everybody,

Hope someone can help, I bought my Laars mighty boiler two years ago. From last few days, the boiler has started to lose its pressure frequently. Initially, the problem was every few days but now I have to top the pressure every 30 minutes. I have checked all the possible things apparently, everything seems perfect. I would like to mention that I have cleaned out a pipework and condensate chamber as well.  What else should I do? Any suggestions or help would be highly appreciated.



Hi Ray, before moving ahead it is important to remember if your boiler is losing pressure then, it will not work properly if remain untreated. Worse, though, this problem could be due to a leakage in the boiler’s central heating system. Identifying a leakage is not as easy as it might look. The leakage can come from the various different parts such as:

  • Expansion vessel
  • Towel rails, radiators & radiator controllers
  • Central heating pump
  • Gate controllers and stop taps

I would advise calling a skilled boiler engineer for detailed investigation & fixing the problem in a technical way.