Laars Mighty boiler issue of pilot light


My newly bought and installed Laars mighty boiler is facing a strange issue nowadays. The pilot of the boiler is blown out once burner shut off. It seems to happen only when the burner does not light up properly. Furthermore, it is as if a flame is directly inside the tubes of a burner, instead of burning outside generating a shrill noise. Once the thermostat of the boiler kicks off, it seems to blow out a pilot. I have replaced the thermocouple but no improvement. What else should be done to make the boiler work again? Need your sincere suggestions

Thanks a lot


Hi Jack,

This problem is quite common in different models of the boiler. So do not worry, just clean the burner. I hope that it will make a difference. Moreover, do call a skilled Laars boiler issue and ask him to do a gas pressure test. Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.