Laars Mascot boiler’s kettling

Hello Folks,

I have installed a Laars Mascot boiler one year ago. Well, I am here to get guidance on an issue, which my boiler is having from last night. The boiler is producing some strange and weird sounds. I have tried to solve the problem after reading the user manual but no progress. Someone please help me on an urgent basis.

Thanks in advance


Hi Eric,

Whenever you hear extraordinarily loud & alarming sounds from the pipes and boiler, then sludge or limescale buildup is a culprit as it blocks the water flow inside a heat exchanger that will then overheat & create these sounds. It is important to note that this problem is highly common in regions with very hard water however; in worst cases, it can affect any region. This might be an expensive problem and could shorten the lifespan of your boiler as well if not treated immediately. You should call a boiler engineer and ask him to drain the boiler & remove all the unwanted materials.