Laars Endurance problem with hot water

Hi All,

I have a Laars Endurance boiler that I have purchased together with the house. The old owner told me that the boiler is approximate 10 years old, but he has no user manuals or service records for it. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if boiler would work normally, but on one hand the hot water is not hot enough, on another I need to wait for approximately 20 minutes with fully open tap to get any hot water. If I want to get the hot water faster I need to manually push up the thermostat. Is that normal, should I do it every time I want to have a bath or wash the dishes?


Hi Tom,

This what you described is not a normal functionality, and you shouldn’t manually push up the thermostat even during the summer mode. It looks to me like there is a problem with the flow switch or the 3 way valve. Because it is pretty old boiler it is best if you can an experienced Laars Endurance technician, who will fix this issue and do the annual service at once.