Laars Endurance shutting itself off

Hi Guys,

I have in my weekend house a 7 years old Laars Endurance, and honestly saying I didn’t have much problems with it during the last years. This year however every time I go to weekend house, switch on the boiler it is shutting itself off. When I switch the boiler on, the LED panel is changes from OFF to ON, but then it goes inactive/blank for 20-30 seconds, and then the LED display turns to OFF. I think that maybe there is a problem with electrical connection and that is why the LED display goes blank, but on the other hand the water pressure fluctuate between 12-24 psi… Any idea what may cause similar problems. Usually boiler starts properly after I restart it manually, sometimes once, sometimes twice…



Hi Rob,

I would vote for problems with the water pressure primarily, then maybe a water pressure switch itself. Water pressure can fluctuate a bit (± 3-5 lbs), but not 12. I don’t think that the control board have any significant effect on the pressure fluctuations. Try re-filling your system with make up water, if it doesn’t work then try water pressure switch replacement and if that doesn’t fix the issue then go for the control board.