Laars Mascot water stays hot for days


I am taking care of a house of my friend while she is away. She has the Laars Mascot boiler that is being used for both hot water and central heating. She will be away for 3 months, and I found it surprising that the water in the taps are still hot after more than a week since she left. I went to check on the boiler itself, as she told me that a service guy put its operation on hold, and the who room in the basement seemed too hot, for boiler being in stand-up phase. Should I worry or that is normal with this kind of boiler?

Thanks for any help


Hi Matt,

I would advice to first contact your friend asking if boiler was really put on stand-up mode, if not then everything is fine, if yes well, then there is a problem. Laars are good boilers and can keep the water temperature for long, but a week seems a bit to much, also if the temperature in the boiler room is too high I would advice to contact the Laars boilers technician at your earliest