Laars Mighty Therm not working with the pilot

Hi Folks,

One of my new customers (school) has a a Laars Mighty Therm  boiler model AP-1200. The boiler is pretty new- not more than 2.5 old, but the installing company no longer exists, so they turned to me. They want me to do the annual service, and when I asked if there are any current issues, they said that the boiler fires up on call for heat, but very often snuffs out pilot. The UT controller is trying to ignite once more within 5 min period, but then unit usually locks out because of ignition failure.

Has anyone experienced similar problems with one of these models? If yes, what should I pay attention to?



Hi John,

I would start as usual from checking the gas pressure and system water pressure, then take it apart and clean the whole including burners, pilot, cleaners. That usually helps for a while. Also if the boiler is only 2 years old then the Laars technical line will be able to advice/help if you find sth that will worry you.