Mighty Therm Lo-Nox PH-PW 1200

Mighty Therm Lo-Nox PH-PW 1200







IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
Jacket and Combustion Chamber Components
110535706Top Panel Assembly (Indoor)
210540800Spacer, Flue Collector
310533700End panel, Flue Collector, Left
410533800End Panel, Flue Collector, Right
510535706Rear Panel, Flue Collector
610661806Rear Panel, Ext., Flue Collector (Indoor)
710662106Front Support, Flue Collector
810661506Tile Cover, Front/Rear
1010547903Tile Heat Shield/Spacer, Front
10548101Tile Heat Shield/Spacer, Front
1110548203Tile Heat Shield/Spacer, Rear
10548401Tile Heat Shield/Spacer, Rear
1210533600Saddle Assembly, End Tile
1310540701Lower End Panel/Heat Shield Weldment , Right
1410540702Lower End Panel/Heat Shield Weldment , Left
1510532906Lower Rear Panel Weldment
1610540406Middle Rear Panel/Heat Shield Weldment
1710531600End Panel, Upper Right
1810534000End Panel ,Upper Right
1910540506Upper Rear Panel/Heat Shield Weldment (Indoor)
2010531506Front Panel, Upper (Indoor)
2110551000Bracket, Support, End Tile
2210540906Drafthood, Relief Baffle, Right (Indoor)
2310541006Drafthood, Relief Baffle, Right (Indoor)
2410554606Lower Front Panel/Heat Shield Weldment
2510662006Middle Front Panel
2610662206Sweep Sheet, Flue Collector
2710545800Control Box Weldment
2810547200Control Box Cover (Indoor)
10630300Control Box Cover (Outdoor)
29Tile Assembles
30Base/Tile Support Assembly
Water System
311066590610-Tube Assembly, Copper Tube/Cast Iron Tubs
2000110610-Tube Assembly, Copper Tube/Bronze Tubs
2000100610-Tube Assembly, CU-NI Tubes/Cast Iron Tubs
1067040610-Tube Assembly, CU-NI Tubes/Bronze Tubs
3220020106Baffle Heat Exchanger Front/Rear
3310667706Baffle, Heat Exchanger (10-Tube)
3410364304Inlet/Outlet Header (Glassed Cast Iron)
10364305Inlet/Outlet Header (Bronze)
35S0095100Gasket w/Barrier, Header
3620230101Barrier, Water
3710338300Baffle, Water Inlet
38RE2058300Well, Immersion
39S0063700Gasket, Flange Tee
40R20150303Tee, Flange (Bronze)
41E0013100Flow Switch (Indoor)
RE0013000Flow Switch (Outdoor)
42A2089500Temperature Gauge
43A0063300Valve, Pressure Relief (PH Model)3/4 NPT 75 PSI
RA0001200125 PSI (PW Model)
44RE2075100M/R Low Water Cutoff Switch
45A2000800Pump, Motor/Impeller (PH Models)
RA2000700Pump, Motor/Impeller (PH Models) Soft
RA2000800Pump, Motor/Impeller (PH Models) Normal
A2000900Pump, Motor/Impeller (PH Models) Hard
46A0021400Gasket Pump Motor
47R10261501Pump Housing (Glassed Cast Iron)
10483301Pump Housing (Bronze)
4810364200Pump Adapter (Glassed Cast Iron)
10364201Pump Adapter (Cast Bronze)
49S0024600Gasket, Pump Adapter
5010338400Baffle, Diffuser
Electrical Components
51E00161400Switch, Air Pressure
52Control Panel Components
110602006Base, Lower Section
210602106Base, Upper Section
310955000Tile Rail, Left Support
410954500Tile Rail, Right Support
510536506Front Tile Support
610955106Rear Tile Support
710950906Rear Base Closure Panel
810954606Base Insulation
910950706Bracket, Burner Panel, Front
1010950801Bracket, Burner Panel, Left
1110950802Bracket, Burner Panel, Right
1E0234900Ignition Control, Electronic
2E0086100Transformer, 115V/24V
3RE0015900Switch, High Limit, Manual Reset
4E0093200Controller, Water Temp (2-stage)
RE0014400Controller, Water Temp (on-off)
5E0101800Terminal Strip
6E9830000Relay, SPST, 24 Volt
7E2077700Relay, Time Delay
8E0234800Switch, Toggle Main Power
9E0071300Light, Indicator, Amber, 110V
2V0004300Valve, Gas, Manual
3RV0046700Valve, Gas, Safety
4RV0047700Valve, Gas, Combination
5V0004300Valve, Gas, Manual
6RV0046700Valve, Gas, Safety
7V0047600Valve, Gas, Combination
111015000Housing, Inlet Air, Blower
210953906Orifice, Air (Dual)
310955901Housing, Blower, Right
10955902Housing, Blower, Left
410953401Panel, Right Mount, Blower
10953402Panel, Left Mount, Blower
5A2088100Blower, Right side
A2088101Blower, Left side
6S0108300Gasket, Blower Inlet
710953000Air Duct
830-268Gasket, Cover
910953906Cover, Air Mixture, Plenum
1010956600Divider, Air Mixture, Front
1110950506Air Mixture Box
12A0109700Gasket, Plenum/Manifold Inlet
1310969901Plate, Front, Inlet, Air Box
1410969801Plate, Front, Inlet, Air Box
15E0198300Grommet, Seal
16P0092900Elbow, Barb
17E0095500Grommet, Seal
18W0041600Sensor, Flame
19W0042000Igniter, Hot Surface
20W0038100Gasket, Igniter
2110956800Divider, Air Mixture, Rear
22L0060700Orifice, Gas, 1st. Right Side
L0060200Orifice, Gas
2310952806Manifold, Gas, Dual
24L0057700Burner, Gas
2510953806Insulation ,Burner Panel
26S0108400Gasket, Burner
2710950106Panel, Burner
28Gas Train
Outdoor Jacket
110660706Top Panel
210658106Rear Windshield
310657106Upper Rear Louver Shield
410658706Upper Rear Panel
510660200Gap Closure-Side
610660106Gap Closure-Middle
710660506Lower Rear Panel Assembly
810657700Rear End Panel Left and Right
910659906Lower Rear Shield -Inner
1010658506Rear Base Extension
1110936300Left Front End Panel
1210657502Right Front End Panel
1310659706Front Base Extension
1420050406Door Panel Weldment
20100706Door Panel Weldment, Left
1510659106Front Windshield
1610658906Upper Front Panel
1710659506Flue Panel, Front
1810659306Flue Panel, Rear
1920050100Pump Cover Assembly