Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h-1

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h-2

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h-3

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h-4

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h-5

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h-6

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h-7

Mascot II LMH 125MBTU/h-8

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
112H7001Panel, front, top, assy
1AF2028100Panel, top, upper
1BF2027100Screw, captive, .19 x .54 fast lead, phil pan hd
1CS2113900Screw, #8-32 x 3/8", phil pan hd
1D12H3015Gasket, strip, foam, adhesive, 3/8 x 1/8
1EF2028200Panel, front, top, subassy
1F12H3003Washer, retaining, .50 OD, nylon
212H3003Panel, front, middle, assembly, LMH
2AA2117600Panel, front, middle, plastic
2BE2335000Gauge, press/temp, remote
2CRE2333500Switch, Rocker, 120V, amber
2D12H3008Display module, electronic
2EE2318900Hinge, front panel, middle
2FE2335100Circuit Breaker, 10 Amp, 120V
2G12H3017Circuit Breaker, 2A, 120V
2H1-418Support, middle panel
2IF2027100Screw, #6 x 3/8" thd forming for plastic
2JF2015900Screw, #8-32 x 3/8", phil pan hd
2KF2028300Rivet, pop, 3/16 diameter
2LE2334501Latch, magnet, .56 dia, 3.1 lbs
2ME2334502Harness, wire, power switch/circuit breaker
2N12H3004Harness, wire, display/+24V circuit breaker
312H7050Panel, front, bottom, assembly
3A12H7004Control, programmed
3B12H7003Bracket, mounting, control
3C12H3007Panel, front, bottom, plastic
3DHinge, front panel, bottom
3ERivet, pop, 3/16 diameter
3FScrew, #8-32 x 3/8", phil pan hd
3GWasher, retaining, .50 od, nylon
3HScrew, captive, .19 x .54 fast lead, phil pan hd
412H3019Panel, left side
512H3018Panel, right side
612H3001Base, jacket, assembly
6A12H3011Base, jacket
6BF2001900Screw, 8-32unc x 1.5l
6C12H3012Bracket, wall attach
6DF2011600Screw, hex head, 1/4-20 unc x .75" lg.
6E10-103Nut, flange, serrated, hex head, 1/4"
6F12H3010Bracket, hx, right side
6G12H3016Bracket, hx, left side
6HF2027000Screw, #8-18 x 1/2, phil pan hd
6IE2334900Switch, pressure, air/gas, inlet
6JR0021300Transformer,40Va, 115V/24V
6K12H3009Bracket, transformer
6LF2015900Rivet, pop, 3/16 diameter
7AS2114000Grommet, pipe, wire, multi size, rubber
7BS2113800Heat exchanger
7BB12H5501Gasket, vent adapter
7C12H3023Washer, clamping, hx bracket
7DF2023700Washer, M5, lock, internal tooth
7EF2025300Screw, M5-0.8 X 14mm, soc Hd
7GS2105400Gasket, blower fan
7HF2027000Screw, #8-18 x 1/2, phil pan hd
7IP2074500Vent, air, auto, 1/4" bspp
7J12H4010Pipe, air vent
7KRE2320600Sensor, temperature, water, 1/4" npt
7LF2015900Rivet, pop, 3/16 diameter
7ME0005501Terminal, 1/4" push-on, male, red
7NS2113800Heat exchanger
7ORA2107500Blower, combustion air
7PF2027700Washer, sealing, .410 OD
7Q12H5002Plate, venturi
7RF2029300Screw, m5 x 8, soc hd cap
7SS2116000O-ring, 2 1/8 id x 3/32 thick
7T12H5500Adapter, vent, cpvc
7U500-168Plug, hex, 1/8" npt
7VRE2319700Sensor, temperature, air, 1 /4" bsp, 1.85 l
7WRE2319900Sensor, temperature, water, duplex
1R2069102Burner, main
2RS2108500Gasket, burner
3RT2109000Tile, refractory, front, combustion chamber
4R2069300Ignitor, spark, w/gasket
5R2069200Flame sensor, w/gasket
6RS2108300Burner door with gaskets
7RS2108400Air/gas channel
8RS2109400Screw, air/gas channe
10RS2111200Heat exchanger
11RW2013300Gasket, ignitor
1262108300Burner door, w/gaskets
13R50D2021Repair kit, rear refractory tile
14Gaskets-only (burner door)
15Screw, ignitor/flame sensor, M4-.7X8MM
16RW2013300Ignitor gasket
17RW2013400Flame/sensor gasket
8Pump assembly
8A12H4012Bracket, control valve
8BA2117500Trap, condensate, small capacity
8CF2029400Screw, M4 x 10, soc hd cap
8DV2020600Valve, gas
8ES2114800Bumper, rubber, 21/32" base dia. x 1/2" height, 5/32" thru hole
8FWasher, sealing, 0.93 OD x 0.62 ID
8GPipe, 3 way valve to dhw
8H12H4019Bracket, 3 way valve
8IF2027000Screw, #8-18 x 1/2, phil pan hd
8J12H4022Bracket, capture, hex
8KA2117802Valve, three way, with actuator
8MF0024200Screw, 6-20 x 1/2" l self tapping
8NE2337500Sensor, temperature, dhw, 1/4" npt
😯Exchanger, heat, plate
8PF2029100Tie, cable, 14-3/4 long x 0.31" wide, heat stabilized
8QE2337400Flow switch, water
8R12H4023Pipe, tailpiece, 1" npt M x 3/4 tube, cu
8SS2116300O-ring, -120, 1" ID x 1-3/16" OD
8TP2067603Pipe, pvc, 3/4" sch 40
8UE0005501Terminal, 1/4" push-on, male, red
8VE0005502Terminal, 1/4" push-on, female, red
8W12H6010Orifice, Gas, M2 125
8X30-227O-Ring, Flange, Gas Valve
P1A2117400Tank, expansion, rect, 10 liter
P212H3020Bracket weldment, expansion tank
P3S2114000Grommet, pipe, wire, multi size, rubber
P412H4011Pipe, gas
P5S2115100O-ring, 20.04 mm ID x 27.10 mm OD
P612H4004Pipe, pump to hx inlet
P712H4001Pipe, hx outlet to dhw
P8P2074600Switch, press, 3-30 psi, 1/4" bspp
P912H3006Gasket, expansion tank
P1010-596Tee, 1/4" barb, plastic
P11F2027500Washer, sealing, .59 OD x .32 ID x .06 poly
P1212H4006Pipe, expansion tank
P13F2025502Washer, sealing, 0.93 OD x 0.62 ID
P14F2027700Washer, sealing, .410 OD
P15E2336500Switch, pressure, 3.80" w.c. set point
P1612H2500Hose, drain, condensate
P17F2028400Tie, cable, heat stabilized, 5"
P18Q0078800Tube, silicone, .188 ID x .318 OD x 23" long
P19F2029000Cotter pin, horse shoe, 1/8, zinc pl
Not Shown:
E2337600Harness, wire, main
12H7009Connector assembly
12H7008Relay, 24vac, Dpdt 8
12H7010Harness, wire, main, heat only 2
12H7005Wire, spark ignition
12H7006Wire assy, flame sensor
E2334500Plug, 3 prong, with cord, 14 awg 7